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mettle of man 2nd rework

lordhelioslordhelios Member Posts: 63
edited August 2019 in Feedback and Suggestions

Make mettle of man based on killer stun. When you stun the killer with a pallet or on a flashlight light save you gain a token, at three tokens you gain a second hit like usual. I feel like mettle of man can be a bit of a counter to spirit fury, some people hates this perk and I can see why and i feel like this perk can be its counter.


  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 12,685

    Having it work on pallet stuns would arguably make it stronger than the original MoM, I think. Having it work on flashlight saves without pallet stuns seems like it would make it worse than it already is. I'm not sure this is the right direction for re-balancing MoM.

  • lordhelioslordhelios Member Posts: 63

    well, if you pull off a pallet stun, some killers do respect pallet stuns and let them drop it. I feel like protection hit is way too situational also hard to pull off, like in farmer john's video he got a "protection" point but no token was given. I believe that timing pallet stuns is a fairer trade off, and acts to better counter spirit fury when you do not know spirit fury is in play.

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 12,685

    That's not really a problem with Protection Hits necessarily being the wrong category to power up MoM with; that's a problem with Protection Hits being wonky as hell. The solution to that would be to fix Protection Hits. I do not believe that pallet stuns is a fair trade off; at that point, MoM is going too close to being the free health state that is not healthy for the game.

  • ClocksoClockso Member Posts: 853

    This Will make the perk more broken, cuz if it was based on pallet stuns then there is a chance you can use it in the first chase, before you had to be chased at least once and you had to get hit meaning you waste time healing to continue getting hit and powering MoM

  • DragonredkingDragonredking Member Posts: 874

    It should be hard to pull off, MoM literally deny a down and therefor a chance to hook a survivor ffs

    Making it get tokens on pallets stunt will be way too easy and will force all killer to respect pallet because 95% of survivor would run it if it activated throught pallet stunts

  • Just_PlayingJust_Playing Member Posts: 156

    So you make it broken again if you need 7 or 6 stacks maybe it could be ok but 3 times stunning or blind the killer is even stronger than the old MoM and even that was broken.

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