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Fix matchmaking

I'm rank 5 killer and I have to play against lower ranks. Why?


  • OGOzSnowChimpOGOzSnowChimp Member Posts: 247

    To give them valuable in game experience so they can know what challenges lay in wait for them?

  • Warlock_2020Warlock_2020 Member Posts: 1,868

    I've also noticed some really high latency matches. Are we getting matched up with China and South America during prime hours again? I have nearly a 10 minute wait for matches as killer, and only high latency lobbies as survivor?

  • survivormain1105survivormain1105 Member Posts: 316

    It was stupid crazy today. We played a rank 20 two perk huntress.......... I'm rank 4, buddy is rank 3, wife is rank 7. Random teammate rank 9...... so computing computing....... equals rank 20 killer.........

  • OGOzSnowChimpOGOzSnowChimp Member Posts: 247

    Rank 13 Killer that doesn't game seriously and I'm Often matched with rank 20-18 survivors.

    It's nowhere near fair on them and there's little thrill in hunting people that don't even seem to know yet that running leaves a trail for me to follow.

  • AWesley91AWesley91 Member Posts: 151

    Not enough high rank survivors playing so you get matched with low rank survivors?

  • OGOzSnowChimpOGOzSnowChimp Member Posts: 247

    If that's the case I hope that they put some effort into getting more Aussies to play.

  • KilmeranKilmeran Member Posts: 2,793

    This matchmaking is starting to look like a Battle Royale match: Toss everyone and anyone into a match and see what sticks to the wall.

  • ShirokuroShirokuro Member Posts: 179

    The matchmaking has been pretty messed up recently. Not only are the rank differences significant but I'm also being put into games with people from America for example. And I'm from Northern Europe.

  • liarcyliarcy Member Posts: 154

    It has been like this for me for the past 2 days

    I’m rank 2 as killer and have been getting rank 16-20,at this point it’s not even funny just yesterday I finished a game in 2 minutes .

  • SheldorSheldor Member Posts: 161

    I'd rather play a bunch of low ranks (and be a bit more mercy oriented) than wait up to 10 minutes for one single round. How the hell is this supposed to have any entertainment value at all, staring at the "Searching for a game" screen.

  • antgnsteaantgnstea Member Posts: 668

    Its been two days, I still can't get matches without high latency. Does't matter if I am survivor or killer. Almost every lobby I end up is above 300. And when I finally get a green pinged lobby, its against much lower or higher ranked matches. it is hard to believe while over 17k players are playing on steam, none of them are from Europe or at green ranks.

  • Warlock_2020Warlock_2020 Member Posts: 1,868

    Purple rank killer waiting in que for 15 to 20 minutes.

    Purple ranked survivor only getting lobbies with killers in China or South America who have 300 ping.

    This is like the horrible matchmaking that we had months ago.

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