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Stuff survivors get wrong

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Q: Okay, I bought and installed the game. What should I do next?

A: If you know nothing about this game then play the tutorial it will explain all the platitudes. Even if you know what this game is about play the tutorial anyway it will give you some free bloodpoints. Also I'd advise you to play one or two games by yourself. Just to be completely sure. Next answers will expect you to know at least some basics.

Q: Basics.. Check! So, as I’ve got it, this game is all about running and hiding from killers. Right?

A: Actually—No. The most important thing you should understand from the beginning (it will help you greatly and it took me hundreds of hours to understand) is that this game is not about fun stuff like running—this game is all about how you manage your time, i.e. time management!

Q: Wh—..

A: No need to ask. What do I mean by that is that in general "the longer games are the higher chances of everyone dying". Simple.

Q: I think I got it. No fun at all. Time this, time that. Should I refund it? Tell me honestly, 'kay?

A: No! All the chasing and hiding you so understandably yearn for is here and in great quantities to boot. But, to do it properly you first need to grasp more general concept, speeding up the game.

Q: So how do I make games faster?

A: That's why this guide is here in there first place! Read on..

A way to enjoyable and fast games lies in the combination of three general, for lack of a better word, topics:

  • Interactions with other players 
  • Perks
  • Chases

They are listed in order of importance. And as you can clearly see the "Chases" one is the least important of them all. And that's great! What that means is that even though you may not know how to properly juke, pallet-loop, maze-run or whatever people may call the chasing phase, you can still greatly contribute to the overall game just by being you (and reading this guide of course).

1. Interactions with other players

The most abstract one. I didn't even know how to properly call it, but I'll try to explain what I mean. At first I thought to call it simply "gameplay", but chases also imply it.. and so do perks.. Whatever. Think of it as everything that you do on the map while not being chased by the killer.

1.1. Totems.

The most notorious time-waster. Time spent on cleansing one paltry totem might have been spent on repairing at least one third of a generator (I don't remember actual numbers, and that's not the point), which could have greatly contributed to the final outcome of the game.

Q: But what about bloodpoints?

A: By surviving you'll get even more, also you get them by repairing, which is just as good.

Q: I've heard about this one perk which allows killers to instadown survivors at the final stages of a game. And you can only counter it just by wasting a bit of your oh-so-precious time on cleansing totems.

A: No! First, there are 5 totems on a map and there is no communication between survivors whatsoever (unless you play with your friends but this misses my point) as a result, to be absolutely sure that all totems were cleansed you need to find them all by yourself, which would take way-way more time than other survivors would like. And second, by just leaving a totem as it is, at the end of a game you will know where to find it and there will be at least 20% chance that exactly this totem is what you are after. If you for some reason destroyed it before, then to actually find the hexed one, you would need to scour the whole map, thank you very much.

Q: Each rule has its own exceptions, what about this one?

A: There is one. If the totem is located near the gates, it may be sensible to get rid of it now, if exactly this one gets hexed, a killer will be able to patrol both the gates and a totem at the same time. Which is likely to quickly result in a game over.

1.2. Getting unhooked.

You may be tempted to run away from a survivor who has just unhooked you, lest a killer finds you right away. Don't. Most likely a killer is chasing someone at exactly the same time. But if you really do need to run away (for example you may hear the heartbeat) don't try to hide near the edges of a map, especially in trees. First, by doing so you would spend a lot of time running for no good reason. Second, it would still be easy for a killer to find you, especially if there are other survivors healing you. And third, if a killer finds you—you just run away from all the safe windows and pallets, silly you. Better let this one savior heal you and then you can happily go and do gens together.

1.3. Hiding.

If you start hearing the heartbeat it still doesn't mean that killer is going right after you. You may want to check whether they are chasing someone, and if they do—don't bother there is little-to-no chance that a killer will drop their current chase because of you, continue on with your gen, don't fret the small stuff.

Q: You know.. This last time a killer actually decided to start chasing me, thank you.

A: Well, if you understand that hiding isn't the best tactic for every damn situation, then I've got my point across. Good luck next time.

1.4. All other stuff.

There are still a lot of things I haven't covered. But what most new players get wrong is surely here. On to the perks!

2. Perks

There are always angry debates about them. Which should you use? Which are in the current meta? Which are considered toxic? Yadda, yadda, yadda. And can I really add something new to this? I don't really know but I'll try to clarify it a bit from my favorite perspective. Yep, you got it.. time!

We will make it.

After you unhook a survivor this perk increases your speed of healing of other survivors twofold. Combined with the idea of not running away from a hook (the more survivors know about this stuff the better) this perk allows you to quickly and efficiently heal survivors. Even if a killer decides to return, by the time they are here, unhooked survivor will be already healed. And that's way better than a small distance this unhooked survivor could have gotten by simply running away. What's more this effect lasts for two minutes, and that's a lot of time. More often than not you'll also be able to heal somebody else. Win-Win!


How often it happens when more than one survivor is trying to save you from a hook, wasting time they might have spent doing gens? Well, maybe not that often if you haven't played this game much, but for me it happens almost every game. This perks allows survivors to see each other when you're hooked. And what's more this perk shows killer's aura within a certain range of a hook. So other survivors might properly correspond to what a killer does next—where they are going, what kind of killer it is, did he just place a trap under the hook? And yet one more trap under the same hook? Why is he doing all that weird stuff?— and try to hide, save you, run away, do other survivor stuff, you know how it goes.

Q: So how can I get these two perks? Which survivor should I choose?

A: You can get them on any character so there really is no need for you to start from any "special" one. Follow your heart.

Q: Wait! There are 4 slots, and yet you covered only 2 perks! Why?

A: Well, yes, but to use any other good perks to their full extent you need to have much more experience. And by the time you have this experience, you won't need any guides whatsoever. Choose whichever you like.

Q: And yet, I have no idea what all the other perks may offer. Can you recommend at least something?

A: Fine. But not expect too much. "Prove thyself" and "We're gonna live forever" will do. They both offer extra bloodpoints and everyone likes getting them. These perks also don't expect any kind of "skillful" gameplay from you, and that's exactly why I chose them. But to get them you need to play specific survivors, which you may not like.

3. Chases

And.. sorry, I won't cover it here. Why? That's a pretty huge topic in itself, and this guide is already overwhelming if you just started playing the game. Also, I've already covered all I wanted, i.e. not obvious parts of this game the official tutorial does not cover.

Q: Really? And for what have I just read all that stuff? No covering chases they say..

A: Prefer windows over pallets, while in chase always move (don't stand near pallets waiting until a killer comes) and try not to drop them as often as you do now (this one applies to everyone), there are only that many pallets. Now and again move your camera to see where the killer is. And it all will come in time. Here, you asked. <3

Thank you for reading all that stuff. Hope it helps you understand at least a little what you've gotten yourself into.


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    P.S. I'm not a native speaker, and won't ever be one (for obvious reasons). I would be really glad if someone could help me fix at least some mistakes I might have left.

    P.P.S. I don't really know how to properly indent text here. Hope it wasn't that bad.

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  • YuniacYuniac Member Posts: 1

    Nice guide, thanks.

  • ElusivePukkaElusivePukka Member Posts: 680

    Excellently written.

  • No_Cluie_LouisNo_Cluie_Louis Member Posts: 1,084

    I absolutely couldnt agree more with the stuff in this guide. The amount of survivors that waste time on totems, or hide when the killer is chasing someone else is insane. Time management is totally the most important thing in this game. It's why killers dont check every locker, because time is your currency. This needs tow in because every new player needs to see this

  • haspiencehaspience Member Posts: 12
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    Thank you all. <3

    I'm quite annoyed^W perplexed all 6 mentioned guides are about what survivors and generators are, but I haven't been playing this game for a year, so whatever.

    Here is a Meg to brighten up your day, enjoy.

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