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what would you like to see added to the lore?

HuntedfailureHuntedfailure Member Posts: 180
edited August 2019 in Lore

I would like to see Vigo or Baker get more set in stone rolls and characterization besides 'mysterious hooded man' and 'man who writes in journal' for instance have Baker be more nihilistic due to him being in the Entity's realm for such a long time or Vigo wanting to either permanently destroy or control the Entity. just simple stuff like this TO ME would make the world a bit more rich and interesting.


  • SureSpearSureSpear Member Posts: 211

    Where Vigo is if he's no longer in the Entity's realm. Was he yeeted into the void? Did he create his own pocket dimension? Did he find a door to the friggen Velvet Room? Where in the multiverse is Vigo the Alchemist?

    How do survivors treat other survivors when they get left to die on a hook? Are there fist fights? Shouting matches? Crying? People that straight up won't help certain other people anymore because they've been left out in the cold too many times? Or just resignation?

    Is Ghost Face renting out the two seater couch in the Legion's lodge or does he couch surf in other (note: not Anna's) realms?

  • HuntedfailureHuntedfailure Member Posts: 180

    whilst the velvet room probably seems a bit hard i will say the idea of ghostface couch surfing is hilarious to me

  • SureSpearSureSpear Member Posts: 211

    1) I would die laughing if P6 was a dbd reference instead of jojo

    2) I need to see the conversation that would play out between trapper and ghost face when the latter shows up at the ironworks looking for a place to crash.

  • xxplayerjuanxxxxplayerjuanxx Member Posts: 16

    Id like the cutscenes we got from the Halloween event we had. I would like more story portrayed through thag

  • End_of_SlayerEnd_of_Slayer Member Posts: 69

    Story will be portrayed through the cutscenes. Devs stated that during the 3rd year anniversary dev stream for the Archives. We get journal entries from probably both Benedict and Vigo, we get cinematics of the characters before they got taken into the fog, and we get lore about the universe itself

  • ShrekIsHotShrekIsHot Member Posts: 3,113

    What if we got a narrator? Like in Until Dawn and Man of Medan.

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