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As a survivor main

I genuinely ENJOY playing against Nurse, Billy, and Spirit (who are typically considered the top 3 killers)

Nurse is OP as hell, so when you find one that you can juke or mind game, it's the most rewarding feeling.

And I LOVE playing against Spirit and having them do that fake phase walk (######### used to get me all the time) and I just stare at them through the window and point at them until they realize I'm not falling for it. I live for that.

I also enjoy Huntress, Myers, and Leatherface games.

You know what games I almost NEVER enjoy? Hags

Her character is literally made for camping. And then on top of that, every Hag I've played against lately not only uses their traps to camp but then also won't leave the area and proxy camps. Like..... why are you doing this? Let the traps do their thing, stop proxy camping me and go play the game. Damn. I can enjoy playing against just about any killer but Hags are always campy and boring af


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