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Is this why the devs are scared of balancing? (no offense devs ha)

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It is said that survivor takes no skill... But why do people say this? I think the primary reasons why people say this (including myself) would be that:

  1. Hold <repair action> to win
  2. Killers most usually rely on the survivor(s) mistakes to catch them.

Problem number 2 is being fixed or has been over a long time. With shorter loops, the killer and survivor(s) skill clashes. However problem 1 is a biggie.

Why you ask? WELL...

Survivors escape 30% of the time (I think) which is weird because killers say that the game is imbalanced.

The reason that survivors only escape 30% of the time is because SURVIVORS GET BORED OF HOLDING <repair action> It would be unreal to say there has been someone who has not left a gen and tried to get chased for fun.

The problem is the gens. They make Survivors bored as balls. This would explain why killers feel at a disadvantage; they lose all the time when versing coordinated swf teams that only want to win. HOW IRONIC, survivors blame killers for only wanting to win, but they are only complaining about the survivors who strictly want to win. Killers do not care if they lose as long as they are able to blame themselves for their loss instead of the games fault.

What should be done? Secondary objective that is FUN! (and required to escape)

  • Gas canisters would be placed in 3 white boxes spread out with equal distance between them.
  • Gens would only have 60 charges
  • After a gen is completed, gasoline must be carried from the box to the generator and poured into it.
  • A survivor holding gas cannot sprint
  • A dropped gas canister can be seen by all survivors and the killer via aura.
  • The killer can break the canister (resetting progress as in The gas goes back to the white boxes)
  • Gens could not be regressed during the gas phase which would be after the gen is completed
  • After a gen is completed, it would need to be filled with gas in 180 seconds or it will completely reset (remember only 60 seconds to complete)
  • The killer cannot break the gen after the 60 second repair has been completed
  • The killer would be notified when a gen is completed and when it is filled with gas


  1. Survivors are forced to play stealthy after a gen is complete. This is good because stealth is not a very common thing people go for since it isn't very rewarding
  2. Survivors are forced to be on the go during the match. This makes it less boring and gives a higher chance of interesting outcomes in the match.
  3. Survivors will not try to die anymore because they are bored. Survivors will be actively trying to win.
  4. Killers have a more fair advantage versus swf and can win a match based on their individual ability to put pressure on the survivors.
  5. Overall more interesting gameplay
  6. Generator times are decreased (again: less boring) Dead by Daylight remains the classic "repair gens and get the fug out game with all the cool movie killers" that the commons look to it as.
  7. Map pressure-less killers actually stand a chance.

Tell me your thoughts. If you disagree with this, actually tell me why please. I try not to be bias and I do play both sides. I have 2300 hours. GG

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