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Buff the Trapper

I've created this discussion to propose a buff to the OG killer of Dead by Daylight since the majority of the community say's that trapper is underwhelming. The buffs are:

  • The Trapper can now carry 3 base traps instead of 1. The reason for this change is because by the time your done setting up 2-3 traps 2 gens have been completed since you have to walk across the map to collect your traps.
  • Every 20 seconds a random unarmed trap on the map will disappear from its current position and will be given to the trapper. If the trapper is using iridescent stone armed traps that were NOT set by the trapper will be given to the trapper. Any traps armed by the trapper will remain in their current position. The timer will only affect traps that
  1. Have caught a survivor and has been disarmed (either because the trapper picked up the survivor or the survivor is freed with the help of their teammates)
  2. Has been disarmed by a survivor

If the trapper is carrying the maximum amount of traps the timer will be paused, Once the trapper can carry more traps the timer will resume.

This timer works similar to Freddy's except the timer is only 20 seconds long instead of 60.

Lastly darken the trappers traps, not so much that it will make logwood dye and tar bottle useless but enough so that traps don't stick out like a sore thumb.



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