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Please can you just let nurses work with mending?

FunguuFunguu Member Posts: 57

It's a healing action on a "deep wound". Nurses calling should be able to work when they mend, that's all I want for Christmas. Please


  • justarandyjustarandy Member Posts: 1,711
    edited August 2019

    Legion monitor abuse exists

    And the issue is that unlike healing yourself up, you are forced to mend at one point. So you can't decide not to mend, which causes killers to get ez detection.. Way to to ez detection.

    I don't see this implementation is gonna be healthy for DbD.

  • yandere777yandere777 Member Posts: 703

    At first glance this sounded really stupid but after thinking about it, it's not that bad of an idea. With deep wounds you shouldn't be able to cheese the TR not letting it go down so it makes you wanna get out of it to clense, if you dont you risk getting caught by nurses calling. Basically with this it adds an incentive to escape the killers TR.

    But legion, you are probably thinking about. Legion is weak. He smacks you once then can M1 you. This will only give him tracking on people who already goofed. Survivors will have to treat mending the same way they treat healing with nurses and thats to not heal if they hear the TR.

  • chieftacochieftaco Member Posts: 228

    they went out of their way to make sure mending was not considered a healing action.

    deep wound is more than an injury, it's a special injury that can't be healed normally.

    it is used to block the ability to use insta-heals. you also can not use a medkit or a perk that would speed up the mending. it's a task that has to be performed in order to get back to a status where you can be healed.

    if it were a healing action and classified as such, they would have to make healing items work on it again, e.g. allow someone to be insta-healed from deep wound to at least the injured state. a needle on a deep wounded person would bring them back to full health, just like original borrowed time before they reworked it into "deep wound".

    so essentially this thread is asking the devs to reconsider something they put a lot of thought into in an effort to also benefit the killer into knowing exactly where someone mending is standing, on top of it's current nerfing of insta-heals.

    while you may think it'd be nice if a survivor had to then run super far away and heal because you blocked their ability to instaheal, i think they did a pretty good job so far in figuring out why they shouldn't do that because it's not the intention of the perk. deep wound is not a locating status unless the survivor fails to mend, and even then the location alert is very brief and easy to miss, not persistent to make sure the killer can find the person who ran away with the deep wound..

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