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Ask for killers' attention and you will get it

I rarely play killer, but sometimes I do. As a rank 19-20 killer, I suck so I use hex ruin and noed to keep me sane. I constantly find survivors that consistently want me to chase them and half the time they flashlight the [BAD WORD] out of me. Then when I kill them at the end with noed, I will face camp them if they wanted me to chase them so bad. Afterward they complain and whine, harassing me about using noed and that rank 20 shouldn't be using it. It seem survivor can be toxic and expect killer not to do the same. Killer uses whatever perk they want, I never care, just as survivor I use whatever I want. Playing both sides, I know facecamp, tunneling, annoying survivor clicking flashlight at you for attention sucks, but both side should know that their play style reflect how the opposing side will treat them. As a survivor main, i feel bad for killers who get consistently attacked by multiple survivors in the chat after a game. Mostly just venting, but I would like to hear others' experiences.


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