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Theory: The Entity is growing more powerful with each chapter.

SotarnicusSotarnicus Member Posts: 5

So, I remember seeing a post about this a while back. Since Amanda Young / The Pig had died in the films, she should not have been able to be taken into the fog. And since then, the entity has allowed killers more and more powerful perks. If the entity does not see a struggle, it sees no reason to feed. It must be getting additional power to allow for less of a struggle.

Also: The Demogorgon. It is in no way human in any shape or form. The entity has grown in power to be able to take killers from other dimensions, where said killers are not human. Also, have we not noticed the irrational time jumps the entity takes to grab killers/survivors? It is growing so much in power it is now a being beyond time. Benedict baker, for example: 1956. And then, The Plague: The babylonic era. After that, ghostface: 1993. Not to mention Freddy Kruger, taken presumably in 2010. Does this NOT add up?

This is why, I'm saying, the entity is able to traverse time. There's no doubt it has grown in power tenfold since the game was released.

The next step: Future killers. This includes the xenomorph, predator, hell, even darth vader would be a cool killer if disney allowed it.

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.



  • Shad03Shad03 Member Posts: 3,673
    edited September 1

    Time is not something the Entity cares about. For all we know, the Plague is the second killer who ever appeared in the Fog and we just now are able to play as her. Time is meaningless to a being outside of the concept, allowing it to do whatever it damn well pleases.

    Also, no one in DbD's canon is actually really dead. Tapp and Bill, both died canonically in SAW and Left 4 Dead, respectively. But in Dead by Daylight's canon, they were grabbed and healed before their hearts stopped.

    Also while the Demogorgon is not human, it is humanoid. Which the devs said is all that matters so they won't have to waste time investing in a new skeleton for a non-humanoid animal killer.

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  • SureSpearSureSpear Member Posts: 190

    Tapp survived his throat wound. It was a bullet that almost killed him.

    That said, new people becoming playable doesn't mean they just got pulled into the Fog. The Fog is like Mementos in Persona 5: It's big, it's confusing, and it exists between reality and imagination. In short, it's as big and complex as the mind or minds it's made up of, and we'll never see all of it. There's a ton of survivors and killers lost or hiding in it. For all we know, characters like The Prowler or Jack the Ripper are waiting for their chance to strike (or a licensing deal to be struck). There's no doubt the Entity is growing stronger, but "ignoring time" when it exists in a realm devoid of the concept is not really a sign of it.

  • CornpopersCornpopers Member Posts: 411

    This is exactly how I also see it, especially with the fact that the entity has grown to be able to manipulate monsters to do its bidding.

  • CornpopersCornpopers Member Posts: 411

    On a completely unrelated note, I actually find it quite cool that the devs finally bit the bullet and actually did create a new rig and all new animations just for the Demogorgon. I remember them even specifically saying they tried using the same model and animations like all other killers but nobody was able to take it seriously and would just laugh at it.

  • Shad03Shad03 Member Posts: 3,673

    I need to read Tapp's bio again ^^', but the point still stands, no matter what canonically killed him in SAW, was healed in the Entity's realm. It takes people before death can actually happen. Like Bill, Adam, Jane. On that note, I'll edit my post a bit after this message is sent.

    When I say 'Ignoring time', I mean time as humans have conceptualized it. Time for us is different for other beings. What is straightforward to us, is not even glanced at by something that has no concept of or even felt by it.

    And you hit the nail on the coffin with that last bit, even the devs said there is more then what you see, and that goes into that 'ignoring time' thing. In the linear way we see it, the killers get added as is. But for the survivors, they could've always been facing after the Demogorgon even before we could play it. That's the main idea that I had. But I always word things weird when it's long posts like these.

    The structure is still human, unless they changed that and I wasn't made aware. Look at the Hag, her animation is all gangly and horrifying to see chasing after you, but her skeletal rig is still classified as human. But yes, the Demogorgon's animations are amazing.


    @Sotarnicus, the best display of power the Entity has ever shown was taking Kate Denson straight out of our world physically. Up until then, most survivors only appeared because they were in a location of great atrocity, otherwise known as where the killers you see have committed their crimes.

  • CornpopersCornpopers Member Posts: 411

    I'm going to re-watch the stranger things stream because I swear they said that all previous killers use thr Trapper model but the Demogorgon just looked wonky with it so they created something entirely new for it. I'll give a update once I do watch it.

  • Shad03Shad03 Member Posts: 3,673

    I'm not saying I'm right, but I'm also gonna call bull[Bad Word] if you're telling me the Hag uses the same model as the Trapper.

  • CornpopersCornpopers Member Posts: 411

    Okay, so for hag, that one I've got zero idea on, I'll add that to the list when I re-watch the dev stream. Also, sorry if any of my statements have come off as rude, wasn't my intention at all.

  • CornpopersCornpopers Member Posts: 411

    Okay, so here's what they say. Filip starts out by saying this

    "It was a bit more complicated then we hoped for, with the rig and everything so we had too-". Cote then interjects with saying "often times when we create a killer we try to reuse some of the animations in this case it was almost impossible". Janick then goes on to say "with the prototype we don't use the model but at some point the model comes in and animation over time and replace what it is and with the first few games the feedback we got was, this is so stupid it looks like a guy in a suit". I forgot to mention Netflix themselves actually sent over the rig and mesh to BHVR. No update on the Hag model, sorry.

  • Shad03Shad03 Member Posts: 3,673

    It fine, and I knew about the rig thing, just saying that the Demogorgon is humanoid enough that it wouldn't break their already broken rules at this point.

    Either way, this will be a sight to see in a few days.

  • CornpopersCornpopers Member Posts: 411

    I'm SO HAPPY that I'll hopefully never hear the argument of "oh, its not a human so it doesn't belong in DBD" ever again, I say bring on the monsters.

  • Shad03Shad03 Member Posts: 3,673

    Predator when?

    They are probably one of the best choices for a sentient non human character as they would see this as a eternal hunt forever.

    Isn't that what they want?

  • CornpopersCornpopers Member Posts: 411

    Two things, first, Predator is getting his own game after all so that offer is sadly already down the drain most likely. Second, the predator species are mostly honorable hunters who only kill equally skilled combatants but if it's a bad blood or dishonored predator, then all bets are off.

  • Shad03Shad03 Member Posts: 3,673

    Fair points. Still would be cool, and they have so many hunting tools and potential.

    Hmn. Wonder what other non human killer could conceivably be added.

    (I don't really see why people want Pennywise or Pinhead Larry)

  • CornpopersCornpopers Member Posts: 411

    The two that instantly pop in my head are of course the Xenomorph, while the other is Pumpkinhead. I personally do also want Pennywise but seeing as how he's basically a entity himself, I just don't see a work around for him.

  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 1,035

    Time has never been the issue. The huntress is from WW1, and she was one of the first DLCs.

    And of course they've been getting stronger. Every time more maps have been added, their strength has been clearly getting stronger, little by little.

  • AetherBytesAetherBytes Member Posts: 796

    They only did this because the monster is CGI already, and since Stranger Things willingly handed the mesh over it was a lot less work and cost for them. The main reason they never made a monster is simply cost and time.

    So thank Stranger Things both for the Demogorgon and it being a possibility in DbD

  • CornpopersCornpopers Member Posts: 411

    Oh I know and I'm incredibly thankful that I've finally got what I wanted sense day one of buying this game, a legit monster.

  • AetherBytesAetherBytes Member Posts: 796

    I get what you mean @Cornpopers . I got banned, decided to just ignore DbD, then the Demogorgon was good enough for me to buy the game again.

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