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Theory: The Entity is growing more powerful with each chapter.

SotarnicusSotarnicus Member Posts: 5

So, I remember seeing a post about this a while back. Since Amanda Young / The Pig had died in the films, she should not have been able to be taken into the fog. And since then, the entity has allowed killers more and more powerful perks. If the entity does not see a struggle, it sees no reason to feed. It must be getting additional power to allow for less of a struggle.

Also: The Demogorgon. It is in no way human in any shape or form. The entity has grown in power to be able to take killers from other dimensions, where said killers are not human. Also, have we not noticed the irrational time jumps the entity takes to grab killers/survivors? It is growing so much in power it is now a being beyond time. Benedict baker, for example: 1956. And then, The Plague: The babylonic era. After that, ghostface: 1993. Not to mention Freddy Kruger, taken presumably in 2010. Does this NOT add up?

This is why, I'm saying, the entity is able to traverse time. There's no doubt it has grown in power tenfold since the game was released.

The next step: Future killers. This includes the xenomorph, predator, hell, even darth vader would be a cool killer if disney allowed it.

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.


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