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Kill as friends watch.

Been enjoying using steam broadcast to play as killer as my friends watch. We take it in turns to play as killer and watch how we all get on. Could this be made into a lobby feature? Where you enter a killer lobby and it rotates who is killer after each game? Not sure what the demand for this would be like, but I know my friends group would be interested.


  • KumakxKumakx Member Posts: 141
    edited September 2019

    What you are asking for is basically a spectator mode or at least it would be enough. Could be interesting but personally i dont really feel a need for it. Like it's a cool feature but i don't think it would be used a lot.

  • SquidFacedManSquidFacedMan Member Posts: 147

    Yeah, it's basically a spectator mode for killer. I figure it would be fairly easy to add. Perhaps further features could be added for those watching further down the line if it proves popular.

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 5,828

    I guess it wouldn't hurt that much to have "character/person speficic spectator mode"

    Could even work for survivors. (so survivor friend can watch the survivor they want to watch/full team)

  • SquidFacedManSquidFacedMan Member Posts: 147

    Trying this again this evening. It's great fun. You should give broadcast a go and then you'll see that this should be a feature. The Devs have all the tools to implement it. Please make it so!

  • SquidFacedManSquidFacedMan Member Posts: 147

    So I've been playing this way with my friend group for about 3 months so far and still enjoying it. It's been interesting and kinda encourages us to use different perks and builds.

    Main thing this could help with is killer lobby wait time. It also makes playing killer a more laidback experience as you have others watching you or giving you tips. It's also a nice counter to survive with friends. There have been many occasions where we have noticed something the killer currently playing has not.

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