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Mettle of Man Rework

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When the killer attempts to Mori you, succeed a Skill Check to recover from the dying state and headbutt the killer, stunning them for 5 seconds.

Succeeding the Skill Check will disable Mettle of Man.

Receive 30/40/50 percent more bloodpoints for surviving the trial.

What do you think?


The vanilla Mom was OP, and the reworked MoM is not good.

My idea is to turn MoM into a Mori defense perk. It also fits the theme of Mettle of Man and is something Ash would be capable of doing. The added bloodpoints is to make the perk not a wasted perk slot when killers don't bring a Mori. Also, no extra animation will be needed as the jump recovery from the dying state to the injured state can be considered the "headbutt."

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