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What is a sweat build?

I got told I was running a sweat build and didn't deserve the KR I have by a survivor. When I asked what a sweat build was I was told it is self explanatory. I said it is not then I was told it is and I am lacking in brain cells, I assume because the person actually didn't know how to define it.

Could someone please define the term for me?

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  • oxygenoxygen Member Posts: 2,744
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    Any build that beats me.

    But serious answer, most people usually refer to using strong/meta perks or perk combos. Just ignore them, strong/meta perks get their designation for a reason, if you want to use them and people cry about it they're just scrubs.

  • HatCreatureHatCreature Member Posts: 3,298
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    A sweat build is something that a Survivor feels is OP, a build that is designed to make the match very easy for the Killer, i.e a good build.

    For example, NOED, Make Your Choice, Ruin, and BBQ & Chili as a Nurse with an Ebony Mori and the Omega Blink add-ons. That build is made for instant downing Survivors and murdering them soon after, a build where the Survivor has mostly 0 chance, a try hard sweaty build Survivors don't like because they know they'll lose.

    A lot of Survivors feel entitled, that they deserve to win, no one deserves or is entitled to anything. If anyone says your build is questionable and toxic or try-hard, they are just mad they lost to a build meant to destroy them. Just like their build of Adrenaline, D-Strike, Dead Hard, and Borrowed Time with an instant-heal Med-Kit, Killers dont like those but do we complain and call them sweaty? They would just laugh and tell us the same things I'm telling you right now.

    My specialty is Basement Builds, I LOVE carrying people down there and trapping them inside, watch entire teams go full retard and bum rush the hook against Leatherface etc. Or watch as they go down the steps Asleep against Freddy with Snares everywhere. I get criticized for that and they're just mad they didn't come up with the GRAND IDEA of doing gens FAR AWAY from the BASEMENT lol

  • Alice_pbgAlice_pbg Member Posts: 5,066
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    Meta is an anagram for Most Effective Tactic Avaiable, or something like that...

    Basically, it means using the tools that get you the best chance of victory.


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