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Chapter Concept: Lost at Sea

Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 4,188

New Killer: The Pirate

Lore: A sailor once lost his leg to a bull shark, so he built himself a new leg and a device to capture and kill the shark. He did eventually find it and killed it. Then he found out how good his device was at getting people too, so he became a pirate. He was said to be lost at sea years after his debut.

The truth is now he's in the realm of the entity, hunting survivors and trying to get more treasure.

Killer's Kit:

Speed: 115%

Weapon: Harpoon Device

Secondary Ability: He uses the harpoon device, it looks like he's punching the air. however, he does this to counteract the force of the harpoon being fired. If it hits a survivor, then he'll drag them back. the harpoon locks into the device again, he ripps it out, then puts the survivor on the shoulder. It's range is roughly a little longer than the terror radius. There is a massive drawback to missing: he has to go find the harpoon on the ground and retrieve it. It will not return to him unless the line is in a survivor and taut.

Teachable Perks:

Fish in a Barrel: For as long as the survivor stands still, they will fill a meter until exposed. This charges after 40, lasts 30 seconds, and has a cooldown of 60 seconds per survivor.

Eye-Patch: Through head trauma during your life, you have lost your left eye, however. Field of view decreased by 30%, but sounds are increased by 75%.

Hidden Treasure: All spawned chests are guaranteed rare or ultra rare items and/or addons, but survivor action speed is decreased by 75% when opening and searching chests and their aura is shown to the killer for 10/12/14 seconds.

Survivor: Romeo Esposito

Lore: A young playboy who came from a rich family, he spent his parent's money as quickly as he could. From women, to expensive trips, he was nothing but a drain on the family's resources. When he went missing on a usual trip to the Bahamas, his parents didn't miss him, but rejoiced. Now a burden had been taken off of their shoulders. They did not report him missing.

If only they realized he was lost to a fate worse than death.

Teachable perks:

Lover's Quarrel: Whenever hit by a killer, you gain a token. This increases luck and the rarity of items found in chests. You lose 3/2/1 tokens for getting downed.

Blind Love: Your love for your teammates shows. Your action speed when near other survivors are doubled, and the amount of skill checks increases by 100%. Your item consumption is also at a 100% rate.

Spared No Expense: You understand that now is the time to get things done. For every finished action (completing a gen, cleansing a totem, searching a chest), you gain a token. Bloodpoints gained during the trial are doubled for every token.

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