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Why such high ping?

I play killer most of the time and im starting to constantly get survivors with poor connection, i am perfectly fine in any other game like league of legends or overwatch or call of duty bo4, any tips? any help?


  • RigonRigon Member Posts: 5

    I came here to ask the same thing, my internet is fine, running great on everything else but just spent 45 minutes trying to get a game of DBD and didn't land one with a ping less than 250.

  • N0T0Ri0USN0T0Ri0US Member Posts: 59

    Yeah its probably because DBD is still in progress and the dedicated servers are not out yet on the live version. Which is why the killer is the host of the servers that you join. Also if the distance between you and the host increases then the ping also increases.

    All the games that you mentioned have servers which connect everyone to an equal connection. But don't worry they are going to bring the dedicated servers in the next update which is going to fix lots of ping issues for many players.

  • RigonRigon Member Posts: 5

    iIve played this game for about 18 month, its always been the killer hosting but I've never had such a wait to get into games and other than occasionally getting bad pings it pretty much puts me in lobbies with a ping of 40 to 60. Only since Tuesday have the delays been present and the pings horrendous.

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