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Bad Hair Day

PS4 player here. I love the Clown,the cosmetics, the new map, everything.. but the issues with the framerates and weird bugs are hard to overlook.
Finally got my Jake with long hair and beard, only to have the hair glitch around and shoot out like crazy for most of the game. It shoots off like 3 feet away for no reason, the moves and shakes on its on like living cassette tape. Seems to me most hair physics are broken, hence Kate's hair spikes that shoot across the screen when unhooking. It's flopping about like Tapps badge half the time too. 

Theres even a sharp performance drop when another player gets close, so bad that I can find someone in a random locker as a killer solely from that little lag hump. 

Love the game and will power through, but I'd take some fixes on this before any new content in a heartbeat. 


  • KillingInstinctKillingInstinct Member Posts: 272
    Meg has the same bug which sometimes irritates me as a killer
  • ShesArebel88ShesArebel88 Member Posts: 234

    Kate has the same issue lol

  • KevvieKevvie Member Posts: 175

    I got the Kate ponytail because the hair is nuts. Playing with all the other Kates and I have bond on turns my screen into this weird aura filled mess lol.

  • Daniel101773Daniel101773 Member Posts: 248
    Yeah all the hair on people has been freaking out, hopefully gets fixed next patch 
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