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New Item and Survivor Buff Idea

So I've had these ideas floating about in my head for a bit, wanted to put it out there...

So I'm sure everyone's familiar with the flashlights, right? Well, I had an idea on how to add a little more utility to them than just blinding the killers and countering a few powers.

First off, the new buff: Adequate Lighting.

Whenever under a source of light (i.e. a flashlight or environmental light source) you will get a minor boost to any channeled action, such as healing, repairing, and the like. It will also make the Great skill check area just an itty bit bigger, giving you a better chance to hit it.

As for the item, I was thinking about maybe a battery powered lantern. There would be different rarities, just like any other item, with a few unique add-ons, as well as a few shared with the flashlight. But here's the fun part...

By holding M2, you can turn on the lantern. Once on, it will remain on until it is either used up or is turned off manually, meaning it will stay on even if dropped. It will light only a small area around you, maybe 5-7 meters as a stock range. It will give Adequate Lighting to all survivors in range, but the light will undoubtedly make you far more visible while it's on, making you an easy target to spot.

Also, double tapping M2 while the lantern is off will cause you to quickly snap it on, creating a blinding flash. This will blur your screen and give you Blindness for a few seconds, but can instantly blind and stun the killer for the same duration without add-ons. Doing this is damaging to the bulbs, however, eating up a decent chunk of the total use time for the item.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated, and I would love to see what you all can come up with for unique add-ons for the lantern! Good luck, and happy hunting!



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