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Party disappointment

I've have to say I am a little disappointed with the new party invite system.

First of all I am mainly playing survivor as solo and I hated the way my main screen looks like right now. Those silhouettes, effecting FPS too much and and don't really needed imo. If someone wants to play with friends they should be going to another page like before and join from there.

The only advantage this system has not forcing you to re-invite them again, after match is over. Which also is not a big issue. Since the dedicated serves, you don't get thrown out from a lobby if killer dodges.

I really hoped a version where we could create instant invites for a party to the survivors on the current lobby. Without having them add as friends on the platform. Kind of a party system like call of duty blackops4 has. If we could invite recent players to a temporary party. That would be a real party.

Also switch to killer button was one of my favorite and most used feature of the UI. It will be deeply missed.

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