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So killer side, who's ability has been the most negatively affected by move to servers?

mistar_zmistar_z Member Posts: 690
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Been playing and it seems trapper and legion are the only ones where the added latency doesn't drastically change how well they can perform.

From my gameplay.

Billy - Would go into an animation like hes hit a survivor, it visually looks like it hits. But the survivors would not be injured.

Wraith they seemed to play fine. didn't get a chance to play as him.

Nurse - Blinks are inconsistent. Fully charged blinks can sometimes just have her a foot in front of her or planted onto a wall. 🤣 Short blinks can someone send her backwards. Theres also a weird sliding effect where she feels pretty fast after bilnking.

Shape - Stalking is a bit more tricky since even on green pings there's a noticeable time before it starts stalking the survivors but pre-stalking helps a bit. So its not too dramatic.

Doctor - Yikes.

Huntress - Oh boy,,,

Bubba - Surprisingly fine. Even had a few matches as a survivor against them.

Freddy - Largely unaffected, tho there will be time where you think you've placed a trap but it doesn't register or the game thinks you let the ability button go early.

Pig - Meh.

Clown - You can't interrupt anymore and using the tonics takes more time.

Spirit - Unaffected.

Legion - Unaffected, but since 360 seems to be more effective right now its something they'll need to keep in mind to counter.

Plague - Will make you feel like uninstalling the game and from life. Unloaded a fully charged vile purge and hit the survivors with it and the game wouldn't register any sickness. I asked a friend to play the plague online and they also saw the same thing. Looks like Plague's taking clowns spot as least played killer once this goes live.

Ghostface - haven't encountered yet. don't own him. but I suspect it'll be a bit wonky like shapes stalking.

Not sure which of tehse we'd be able to adjust to and adapt. But right now I'm just a bit happier that I can play with my friends that are farther away from me.


  • KagrenacKagrenac Member Posts: 773

    Good. Hitboxes aren't going to seem broken because of ######### ping. I literally got hit by a wraith when he attacked, while i was behind him.

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