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How do you fix an Escaping Cursor?

I have been having a persistant issue since ghostface's release in live. When I choose to play killer, my cursor will escape the left and bottom edges of my screen, showing up their and making it so if I click any button while the cursor is on the border, it doesn't register in game. I can physically see the cursor Arrow and if I put it in windowed mode, it will grab the edge of the screen and manually drag and widen it. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game and verifying the integrity of my game files with Steam. None of these have solved the problem. This has made playing killer next to impossible as if I have to chase someone and drag the mouse left or down and then perform a swing, an ability, anything it will not register.

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  • KhaineGBKhaineGB Member, Mod Posts: 3,556

    That shouldn't be happening because the game runs in fullscreen mode. Are you using anything to force borderless mode?

  • VacienVacien Member Posts: 4

    Not at least to my knowledge, no. Unless there is something in the backround that is doing that, it should be in base Fullscreen. Just in case, how would I know if it's possibly in Borderless Windowed?

  • VacienVacien Member Posts: 4

    If you talking about the ingame resolution option, yes it is set to 100%.

  • VacienVacien Member Posts: 4

    My Desktop resolution was 125%, everything is very small now in 100% but I will double check if it was the issue in my game. It's strange though if that would be the cause.

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