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Character Lore for the Stranger Things Characters (PTB)

KhorzadKhorzad Member Posts: 102

I must say, that in regards to design, sound, animations, maps and music, the Chapter of Stranger Things is amazing and captures the feel of the show. The lore information that we got for the characters, however:

Are disappointing to the say the least. I know that they are licensed character of a running show and probably couldn’t go into much detail about the Upside Down and plot things like that, but is still too short, we had licensed characters before, and they never were this small. Hell, I think that these are the shortest and less detailed lore entries of any character, not even the originals killers had this few lines of stories. Is just too bare bones, like they forgot to write the lore and had to rush it 10 minutes before the launch. The add-ons phrases that appear are also not great either, repeating themselves in several add-ons…

And is a shame, because the lasts lore entries had been amazing, telling us so much about the killers and survivors, their stories... And even if they could not go into the background information because they were licensed, they described with detail how the characters got there, like with Ash and Freddy. But here? Nancy pursued a lead, Steve followed Nancy, The Entity somehow choose the Demogorgon...Is just bad.


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