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Fixated should work while injured

I believe that fixated having its movement speed turned off when injured should be removed. For those who weren’t here when Nea first came out, urban evasion also had that restriction. The restriction was finally removed a bit more than a year ago, and its crouch speed was boosted from 50% to 100%.

I’m not asking for a speed buff or anything else with fixated, I’d like to restate, ALL I want is for the injury restriction to be removed. Some have said “what’s the point? It’s already hard to escape a chase when you’re bleeding, how’s this gonna help”. They have a good point, but I believe that also shows how the restriction is completely unnecessary.

Others have said it’d be too strong, or it would be a buff to sprint burst / dead hard. However, most people recover exhaustion doing generators, and sprint to them anyway. Also, I doubt they’d stay in injured, and IF they do, it’s so they can sprint to a gen to activate adrenaline, which means fixated didn’t actually help them.

Another thing to note, the perk, due to its restriction, is literally unusable with no mither.

In general, a movement speed change that fluctuates throughout the match is uncanny, and feels really weird to play.

BHVR, I feel this change would be a nice quality of life change to the perk, similar to urban evasion. It’d be really nice if that small little part of the perk was gone.

TL;DR Fixated’s restriction doesn’t really help with balance, and isn’t too necessary. It just kinda annoys the user with speed changes throughout the game.



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