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Survivor Perk Feedback (Need Buffs)

Luigifan64Luigifan64 Member Posts: 1,109
edited September 2019 in 3.2.0 PTB Gameplay Feedback

Inner Strength- A great perk that should stay the same.

Second Wind- Second Wind is a little buggy with health states, it sometimes doesn’t register a full heal even though I fully heal another survivor (by myself). Second Wind should also be obtained if 2 survivors are healing another survivor, healing with We'll Make It, and if you use a medkit. It also should save your heal progress (say I heal one survivor halfway and then heal another halfway to get the perk active). Also, WHY IS THE PERK ONE USE?! Like seriously, the chances of you being able to use this perk twice are slim to none so why restrict it? If that is a bug fine, but right now you can only use it once.

Fixated- Needs to have the 20% faster walk speed at all times regardless of health state; and the scratch marks should be everyone’s scratches, not just your own. That way you could play around other survivors because their scratches could screw you over.

Better Together- It’s ok, but it’s gen aura should be larger (say 64 meters maybe?) and the auras revealed should apply to anybody else if they’re working on the same gen you are.

Babysitter & Camaraderie- Both are useless, even after one of them got buffed. Babysitter should apply for 15 seconds AND should completely silence a survivor in addition to the effects it applies. Camaraderie should apply to any time you're hooked (first or second phase) and if you go to save someone, they should get half of the time you’d get if you were on the hook. Unless these perks are buffed there just going to go unused.

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