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I have some... Concerns about Second Wind.

I'm sure we all know about our newest mechanic, heals over time. It's a wonderful idea on paper and balanced in practice.

That has nothing to do with my concern.

The no-heal meta is the most popular one right now. This may change with the upcoming chapter, however I'm not betting on it. I don't think Second Wind is healthy in the game's current meta.


The no-heal meta is not what it seems. The point of it is not to stay injured. The point is to not waste time on healing.

What does Second Wind do?

It saves you a heal. Time you would normally spend healing is instead converted into gen time. Furthering the true purpose of the no-heal meta: Don't waste time healing. This perk saves you a whole 16 seconds. Times 2, because it takes 2 to tango. A whole 32 seconds is converted into gen time. Per proc. Per Survivor.




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