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Totem system rework

Ok, totems have been an pain for me for a long time. Sometimes they're gone in 20 seconds, and other times they last all game because they're buried 200 metres below the surface of mars. Terribly inconsistent and can be infuriating to deal with.

I propose that they be changed so that ALL totems are hex totems, and the power of a hex perk depends upon how many totems are still standing. This will allow you to be far more consistent with hex perks in general, and it will also make for an interesting side quest for survivors. Sure you can gen rush, but if you ignore every totem, the killer is going to rocking some seriously dangerous perks. Removing the extremely deadly 4-5 totem buff will be easy, but removing all totems might be a little difficult. Searching for these totems will also naturally slow down the game and make survivor gameplay a bit more varied.

So for example, here's some ideas that depend on how many totems are up...

Ruin: 5%/10%/15%/25%/50% penalty to repair speed on generators. (better for everyone, because low ranks get absolutely obliterated by current ruin. They can never find the totem, and they can never do the skill checks).

Devour: 1 bloodlust stack for 15 seconds after hooking/1 bloodlust stack after hooking (falls off after first survivor hit)/everyone exposed after 3nd hook/everyone exposed after 2nd hook/everyone exposed and mori'able after first hook

Third seal: last survivor hit is blind/last two survivors hit are blind/last three survivors hit are blind/all survivors hit are blind/everyone starts blind

Lullaby: slightly faster skill check noise/moderately faster skill check noise /considerably faster skill check noise/no skill check noise/no skill check noise and failed skill checks disable the gen for 30 seconds

Haunted grounds: the person who destroys the first hex totem of the game will be exposed for the rest of the game. (it's too important to remove the first hex totems, so always exposing the entire team at the start of the game is a little much)

Thrill: Notification and aura shown of survivors working on any totems + 10% cleanse speed penalty.

NOED: Will give a permanent buff to the killer depending on how many totems are alive when the exit gates are ready to be worked on. Totems broken afterwards won't remove the killers NOED buff.

3% speed buff /6% speed buff/everyone is exposed/everyone exposed+ 6% speed buff/m1 hits instantly kill survivors + 15% speed buff

Just my 2c

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