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Sound, Second Wind and invisible Entitus

AngryFluffyAngryFluffy Member Posts: 363
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I feel like the terror radius of Demogorgon is a little messed up. The heartbeat seems to be always the same, you can't tell how close he really is. Also his TR seems to be really small when playing as survivor. I can only hear the hearbeat, when he's pretty close.

The Sounds of Steve and Nancy are pretty loud. Even normal breathing seems to be loud (when they do a Gen or Totem with full health status, they moan so loud it almost sounds like they'd be injured) and when they get downed or hooked, it sounds like they would be right next to me, even if they are actually on the other side of the map.

The exit gates don't make any sound when they open.

Steve's perk Second wind is bugged:

  • If I heal 2 survivors to more than 50% each, it does not activate the perk. It is only activated if I heal a complete status of one survivor on my own.
  • If the perk was activated and used, it is possible to activate it again by healing another survivor again. The problem is, that it does not work properly afterwards. The countdown to self-heal started, when I unhooked an other survivor (I was fully healed by that time). After that I got hooked again and someone else unhooked me. I had the broken status for the rest of the game (I could not get healed and the perk didn't heal me either, there was no countdown. It was inactive, but I remained broken.)

When I had to struggle, the Entity's claw was invisible in one match at the new map:

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