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Scratch Marks Bug PTB 3.2.0

Me and some people I've been watching stream have encountered a bug where scratch marks will stop showing while a survivor is running. I'm not sure but I think this is only a glitch with survivors running the new fixated perk. Thanks.


  • MrMadMaskMrMadMask Member Posts: 28

    First of all, is this from the killer's or the survivor's perspective?

    In the first case, they're either running Dance With Me (after a quick action hide your traces for 3 seconds) or the awful scratch mark generation is at it again.

    In the second case, obviously this bug would happen only when using Fixated, since survivors can't normally see scratch marks. So, since they must be using the perk, the scratch marks may disappear because of Dance With Me (again) or because the killer has some power or add-on that prevents them from seeing scratch marks (like Legion's Frenzy or the Spirit's Mother-Daughter Ring), since Fixated reflects perfectly when a killer can or can't see scratch marks.

  • MiniPixelsMiniPixels Member Posts: 354

    It's from both the killer and the survivors perspective, i think its just poor scratch mark generation.

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