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Wedding ring/key bugs

ShakiiShakii Member Posts: 15
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I think that the wedding ring is a neat idea, lending credence to the idea that keys can be more than a paperweight that is able to open the hatch, and also gives more incentive to use the broken key.

The permanent reveal of the obsession is nifty, but I noticed two problems when I used the wedding ring it on a broken key and coupled it with a weaved ring.

  1. Even though the wedding ring's reveal is permanent, you are still given the option to mind channel. This will eventually use up the key, despite there not being a point to channel in the first place.
  2. I got sacrificed. Weaved ring was able to prevent my broken key from being lost, but in addition to the weaved ring going away, the wedding ring had also disappeared. This interaction isn't clear - Do we only lose the weaved ring on death, or do we lose all add-ons and only keep the key? I asked someone and they had mentioned that the order of the add-ons also had an effect when weaved ring was involved. In this case, I had the wedding ring first and weaved ring second.

Keys are the only items with an add-on like weaved ring or milky glass - if even stronger add-ons are going to be introduced, players are going to try to use the weaved ring to protect them.

EDIT: My bad, posted this in feedback instead of bugs. Would it be possible to move this thread over there?

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