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No One Escapes Death rework idea

So i cant get a definitive answer from anyone devs or players so im posting this anyways. Im not trying to start and argument but rather create a dialog to promote a creative way to work around the No one escapes death perk. So whether it is or isnt people say that noed ruins the game for good survivors while promoting bad game play by killers. Thats just the truth of it, killers will argue its not true survivors will argue it is. Myself in an effort for complete transparency have been stung by the effects of noed. An argument is out there for small game well ive spent several days trying this little idea and thats buggy at best spending 75% of the game trying to figure out where one totem is that keeps setting off this perk is annoying at best and thats assuming the killer doesnt see you. So my suggestion would be to give killers the ability to destroy their own totems and make noed trigger only if theres only 1 unused totem at the end of the match. it promotes doing totems on both sides doesnt hinder killers at all and still works as intended. All it does is force one more requirement for it to trigger. The cries of killer mains insist that IF survivors do totems then noed wouldnt be a big deal all this change would do would be to provide the same thing to killer mains. Im sure the responses to this will be swift and mixed but its just a suggestion.


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