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Exclusive Demogorgon cosmetic on DLC?

When I see the Stranger Things' DLC on Steam page, I can see that two exclusive cosmetic items will come with it. One for Steve and one for Nancy.

My question is: why there isn't an exclusive cosmetic for Demogorgon?

Since I'm main killer, but I still like playing survivor, I will buy the whole DLC. But I will play more frequently with the Demogorgon, who doesn't have an exclusive cosmetic item (like Ghost Face's white clothes and white dagger, for example).

Suggestion: since I've watched the second season, I would love to see Dart's patterns in Demogorgon. Since it would be just a recolor, I think it wouldn't be too expensive.

Not complaining. I will buy the DLC anyway. I'm just making a lovely suggestion.


  • Aven_FallenAven_Fallen Member Posts: 7,700

    Sadly, the Killers do not get different cosmetics when you buy the DLC via Real Life Money. But the Survivor Outfits are also...meh.

    I think it would be ok to give the very Cheap Outfits in the DLCs. Those things which are basically only Color Variations, would not be too crazy. Of course this will probably not be possible for Licensed DLCs, but just in general...

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