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IT Chapter

gcardosogcardoso Member Posts: 30

This is just something i thought about and imagined in my mind. Sorry for bad english or if u guys didnt like. I really want this chapter to come out to the game.

Killer - Pennywise

Survivor (s) - Bill ( hopefully with Beverly )

Map : Pennywise sewer or Town map or Festival map from chapter 2

Killer power : Pennywise can hide in lockers. If a survivor is nearby a locker he is hidden he can jump on him, giving it Bleeding effect. There are balloons throw out the map, where Pennywise can teleport from a balloon to any other in 25m range . If close to a survivor , survivor gets Exposed status.

Perks of Pennywise :

You'll float too - Whenever a survivor is down , any survivor in a 10m range area from that down survivor will get exposed .

I've missed you - Any hooked survivor will be trackable for 3 seconds after being unhooked as well as the survivor who unhooked.

Deadly Lights - You can use momento mori in survivors.

Perks of Bill :

Swear! - When entering a game, you can choose any survivor . That survivor will have a bound with you, where you can see where he is in the map.

I'll be there for you - Whenever you unhook or heal someone, you get fully healed. 65 seconds cooldown.

Loser for life - When a survivor dies, you get 10% faster actions. When your bound survivor dies , you get 25 % on all actions.


  • Hey, I like your IT chapter Idea, I made on myself, why not check it out! I need perks for Bill and Beverly, and I like your's

  • ToxicboiiToxicboii Member Posts: 324

    I have multiple problems with all 5 perks.

    - I've missed you : Duration is too short, miiiight wanna increase it.

    - Deadly Lights : NO. This isn't even a PERK. Wth, were you thinkin'?

    - Swear! : Aftercare does this better. Much more better. INFINITELY better. More of a mechanic than a perk. So no to this one.

    - I'll be there for you : We're about to get hit with stranger things, which has second wind, which is much more balanced than THIS.

    - Loser for life : Why does this perk rely on another perk for stronger effects? WHY DOES THIS PERK REQUIRE ANOTHER PERK TO WORK???! Why not just put it all into one perk?! What- I have never read a chapter with this many fails at making a half-decent perk, much less, balanced. But this just makes me question the intelligence that went into this chapter.

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