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Feedback on Perks

Hey all!

So I've been playing the PTB since the Stranger Things DLC got released. Spent a good couple hours testing the killer and survivor perks. I'm not really here to talk about Demogorgon cause I think he's a fun and balanced killer. Fun to play as and against, and incredibly scary when he uses his power to catch up to you.

Anyways, I think some perks needs a bit of changes

Babysitter - The unhooked survivor should get a notification that they're under the effect of Babysitter. It'd also be cool if the killers aura got revealed to them, so they don't end up running towards them.

Fixated - Cool perk and I really enjoy using it. All I would do is remove the "Only works when uninjured" requirement. I don't see why it's there. Old Urban Evasion once had that requirement as well but you removed that. I don't get why Fixated needs it.

Inner Strength - Amazing perk! I really like it and would use it if it could get this one change: Let us be able to gets stacks. I get why it's so limited right now, you fear survivors getting 5 stacks and being able to heal fast multiple times during a chase. Though, that would be a very rare occurance. There are 4 survivors and 5 totems, it's really rare you get to get more than 2 in a game, gonna be even more rare if multiple people run the perk.

My suggestion is let us be able to get stacks. People are saying "but 8 second heals are OP" but don't really think about how much times it really requires. You spend 12 seconds cleansing a totem and 8 healing, that's 20 seconds total you spend. That's the time it'd take to do a Slobby Butcher heal. You also need to account the time it takes to find a totem and a locker. If you fear that'd be OP then at least let us be able to get 2 stacks. That'd be a nice small buff.

Camaraderie - I have very little to say about this perk. I don't really see it being useful unless the killer is camping. It has a big downside that the timer pauses so the killer knows that there's a survivor nearby, which gives them even more of a reason to camp or go back to the hook if they haven't found anybody.

Second Wind - This perk is pretty decent. It gives your the possiblity to get healed mid chase if you're getting tunneled, which I think is pretty cool. When I heard the original version, I thought the perk was gonna be useless, now it's a nice anti tunnel perk, which is balanced out by having two requirements.

  1. Do one full heal before getting downed
  2. Don't get downed within 30 seconds, which can be tough if you're getting tunnelled

I don't think this is perk is gonna be meta, but it's pretty decent. It's kinda like how instaheals should be.

Mindbreaker - I don't really get this perk. I guess it's useful to give survivors a 3 second exhaustion? I dunno. I don't really like using perks where I can't see if it's actually affecting survivors. I honestly have no idea how to buff this perk, since giving survivors longer exhaustion would be a horrible idea.

Better Together, Cruel Limits and Surge I'm not really gonna talk about. They're all decent perks and I'd neither want them buffed or nerfed.

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