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About the issue where your game is showing as having deleted DLC's or lost game totally. Go to your Steam app. Go to Steam < Settings < Downloads < Clear Download Cache. This should restart Steam and you should have access to your game & DLCs.

General feedback for both Dedicated and Gameplay

i don't exactly think creating two separate threads for two parts of the ptb is ideal, so i'm putting it all into one thread.

personally? i absolutely love the new lobbies and the changes to the overall layout and the new invite system. dedicated servers also seem really damn good now that they've been tweaked. lobby times are reasonable, and there's barely any lag issues as of right now. everything seems stable when it comes to loading in-game as well, aside from the minor freezes here and there, but that can generally happen with most games and can't always be preventable.

as for the dlc gameplay and perk tweaks, both sides actually seem a lot more carefully crafted and are pretty solid! the demogorgon's gameplay is actually fine in my book, though i think some of his addon's may need a bit of a look at, as they don't offer too much variation to his gameplay and only seem to focus on speed and portal amounts. maybe consider adding addons that could slightly increase range or lunge cooldowns, etc!

left behind is definitely a stronger perk now, and it seems to now have a purpose and contributes to the new hatch functionality, which was very much needed, since there was nothing that really assisted with hatch searching (especially at endgame) other than keys and maps.

i've also gotten word that dying light was getting a rework? and it definitely looks good from perspective. as for gameplay, i'm slightly concerned with the slowdown penalty, but only because of how easily it can stack up with other perks and tip the scale a little too much depending on which killer you're playing as. but this is just a subconscious concern, i don't think it's too severe of something that it needs to be worried about.

i'm just jotting all of this down so i can give something to the devs to look at. if anyone else wants to make a comment, feel free to add on.

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