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Bored Killer Main that need's Smart people to play survivor with :D <3

Dread_For_DeathDread_For_Death Member Posts: 9

I am a full Killer Main (I am also a Nurse Main).

It is all boiled down to not having much people to play survivor with and it results in me always playing the killer as i hate playing solo survivor because i get [BAD WORD] up by bad randoms.

I am mainly seeking people that like to play public but are ALWAYS willing to go into KYF to practice with each other to work on plays or practice in general.

My skill set is that i am a very technical minded person and i wish to play with players with that mindset that can use proactive and effective communication (this is just a preference).

However though i do like to chill with people and play survivor casually.

If anyone is in the same boat as Me. Please Reply to this, i will check this post very frequently.

Thankyou :)


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