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Killer Creation Video

TarveshTarvesh Member Posts: 693

Ok, so after waiting for my sprites to arrive for my channel for two months I decided to go ahead and launch my channel without them, and made my very first video a Dead By Daylight video where I make a new Killer and Survivor for the game.

Hopefully you all enjoy!



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    Unless the infected has some sort of echolocation flashlights should still effect them, maybe make it like the stun reduction? so just a reduction in blinded time. Also Stun reduction is to strong mixed with enduring maybe make it so they don't stack or that the reduced stun time doesn't work with pallets. "Whenever a survivor has two infection counters, they must be fully healed within 75 seconds in order to remove one counter" so they can't go back down to 0? also this time seems a bit short of a duration with it taking 16 seconds to heal them back to full health after you get to them. So are they just suppose to camp the survivor for 75 seconds? Could they just knock the survivor back down and start the countdown again? Also do the survivors take control of the killer or does the game control them? or both if the survivor quits? what if they just don't do anything afterwards? There being multiple killers while losing survivors would make the game much harder.

    Fast Mover- Speed is to good even with the 3 hits needed, especially mixed with save the best for last. For reference the speed is .1 faster then Legion's frenzy speed.

    Shambler- Speed is .5 slower then survivor so sneaking is mostly completely needed, nearly impossible in a open area. Burrowed time becomes much less viable with only a 6m terror radius. Random chance doesn't mix well with skill based things such as chases, I would recommend dropping the 15% thing, just wouldn't be fun to get sneak attacked and then dying.

    Man this is getting long, but wait there's more!

    Killer perks

    Fueled by Hunger- first of all really cool, With fast mover your speed becomes a bit slower then the trapper (4.6>4.08) and Shambler becomes a tragic 2.8. Would be hard to keep chases up like that but if you can geez fast mover becomes 7.65 movement speed about half as fast as nurses movement speed while blinking. So super fast.

    Life sense- they enter? So they have to enter your radius? This seems like it would either be really good or useless depending on how lucky you are. I assume you get some sort of notification? Maybe if it just showed the position like doctors screams or Rancor.

    Virulent- Cool! what if they use self-care?

    Survivor perks

    Desperate Maneuver- This is fine, cool even.

    Impromptu Repairs- Odd mix of cool and strange but not really a balance issue IMO.

    Jaded - This seems fine but does it effect Object off Obsession at all? also doctor terror radius already has a counter with calm spirit and this seem like it would be even more annoying.

    Overall this is really cool and I would love to see more of this content. Also could you link the images or did you make them yourself? Also also would you want this to be in the YouTube comments as well?

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    Thanks for this. I"m not sure how to link videos. Or if I can with this system they have....

    I love all the feed back and wish I could address everything in a satisfactory manner, but these are mostly just done for fun with cool ideas. I'm not an expert on all the actual movement speeds and such and don't really consider too many perk combinations in the creations.

    The low blind and stun duration would be good changes. I was just trying to think of how things like that would affect something that is basically just a vehicle for a virus.

    Fully Healing a survivor would only ever remove a counter if the survivor has two counters. Once you have a counter, you'll always have at least one, making getting hit again a larger threat.

    Is that Fast Mover's speed with or without Save The Best For Last? I wasn't sure how fast that would actually be but I did want it to be much faster than all other killers since they're basically just sprinting nonstop.

    I thought the 15% chance thing was a decent chance-reward for the Killer being able to play right and overcome the weakness of its lack of mobility in this form. A wary survivor shouldn't have to worry too much about it, especially when they're still just as slow getting you to a hook.

    Fueled By Hunger - I'm glad you like it. I imagine it being a fun sort of way to emulate how hunger (or adrenaline in the case of other killers using it) really drive the killer into trying to get to their prey faster.

    Life Sense - I try not to put things that are all good/great on my creations. Life Sense is designed to be one of those perks you put on certain killers or for certain maps where you know you just have to move around a little and you'll likely catch someone in your radius (like The Game map, or while playing the Doctor). Not an AMAZING perk, but good for certain situations or for new players who have trouble keeping track of survivors in a chase. It works if they enter your radius themselves, or if you're moving and your radius moves over them.

    Virulent - Self Care does not trigger Virulent since it has to be another survivor healing them that has a chance to recieve damage. Self care is just you healing yourself, not someone else healing you.

    Desperate Maneuver - Glad you like it. I figured it was a good anti tunneling perk.

    Impromptu Repairs - I take strange as a compliment. the idea came from me having a lot of items I don't use and wished I could trade them in for repair kits.

    Jaded - Yes, this would affect Object of Obsession.

    The character art was linked in the video description. And if you like, you're more than welcome to post your questions in the youtube comments.

    Thanks again for all the critiques!

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