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Killer idea: Sabrina Spellman (Her doppleganger from CAoS)

TheUnendingNightmareTheUnendingNightmare Member Posts: 1,172
edited September 2019 in Creations

Name: Sabrina Spellman

Lore: A double of the real Sabrina made by magick which has no sense of right or wrong.

Height: Small

Terror radius: 26m

Speed: 4.6

Weapon: Small knife


1- Stalking bomb: Sabrina can enter oblivious stalk mode. When she gets out it, it release a telekinetic shockwave in a 12m radius around her damaging all survivors. She then become exhausted for 5s per survivors hit preventing the use of magick.

2- Telekinesis: Sabrina can pull a single survivor 8m closer to her during a chase. She then become exhausted for 10s preventing the use magick.


1- Salem: When a survivor is within 36m of the killer and is looking at them for 5s/4s/3s you get an audio and visual notification. It take 15s to recharge.

2- Powerful ether: Reduce the cooldown of killer powers by 6%/8%/10%.

3- Kind Heart: After losing a survivor during a chase, the killer do not have a terror radius or red stain for 10s/15s/20s.

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  • redhex45redhex45 Member Posts: 38

    She seems more like a survivor than killer, Lucifer should be the killer.

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