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Are Killers or Survivors more OP?



  • SpookyJeffSpookyJeff Member Posts: 105

    I think there's a bit of issue with SWF still just because comms are so strong, but in general, things are better than they've been since I've been playing. I concur with the sentiments above that the high tier killers should be left alone and they should work on making trash killers better. Survivors win in that scenario because they can stop seeing only spirit, nurse, and freddy at high ranks, and killers win because holy crap we can play someone other than spirit, nurse, or freddy. I'd love to see Bubba, Doc, Trapper, Pig, and Legion get some love sooner rather than later. You never really see any of those once you hit purple ranks aside from the tome challenges making Trappers freaking everywhere as of late.

  • VetratheneVetrathene Member Posts: 801

    But its still not balanced and BT and DS allow for brain dead plays that require no skill.

  • XergeXerge Member Posts: 921

    Survivors. OoO is too strong on SWF of experienced hard try survivors who know what they're doing.

  • StrodeWinsStrodeWins Member Posts: 274

    i’d say both are balanced, but this is because both sides are incredibly powerful.

    example would be keys and mori, and if the killer has mori, is a guaranteed win. if survs have keys, it’s a guaranteed win for them.

    so it depends.

    but as of now, i see that this game has been the most balanced since release.

    if we don’t stop [BAD WORD] nerfing killers though, that will change soon, so i hope the devs don’t come out with more nerfs.

  • TalmeerTalmeer Member Posts: 1,230

    Survivors. Nothing can compete with a well played swf. Especially if they running all the speed and second chances perks, what they in the most cases after my experience do.

    Luckily you don't see them every match.

  • dont_ask_me_againdont_ask_me_again Member Posts: 490
    edited December 2019

    On survivor side:

    SWF, BT, DS, Adren in hatch game, Generators, Keys with SWF.

    On killer’s side:

    Bloodlust in some maps (with mind game pallets - the desired direction for the game), Spirit Fury, Nemesis on bubba, Noed in hatch game, Moris, Ruin’s also a bad concept gamewise as it slaughters low rank survivors and is RnG for the killer to win at high ranks.

    I think the problems are pretty even tbh counting 6 each side.

  • DepressedClownMainDepressedClownMain Member Posts: 924

    When you compare killers and survivors as a whole, killers are a lot stronger because you have a lot more useless perks and items as a survivor than you do have killer addons and powers. But since it is quite easy for the survivors to use the good perks on the character they choose and killers are stuck on the same abilities, I would say the game is pretty balanced for most killers and survivor sided when you use weak killers

  • SplinterverseSplinterverse Member Posts: 321

    It's pretty balanced, but there are some killers that make it OP and unfun to play as a solo survivor. Ghostface is the most annoying to play against. Generally, the trend of no terror radius + a one-shot ability is driving survivors like me away from this game. It's not needed and it's not fun.

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