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Survivor perk idea - Positive Attitude

NuclearBurritoNuclearBurrito Member Posts: 5,161

Positive Attitude

  • You are Oblivious. You can see the Killer'a aura when he is within 8/10/12 meters of you

Simple but effective.

In general this trades range for precision. 12 meters is much smaller than any Killer's terror radius, including T2 Myers unless he takes M&A, but Aura tells you which direction specifically they are coming from and thus is far more useful in a chase with the weakness being that it increases the odds of the Killer catching you off guard due to being able to get closer to you in the first place.

However this also has the additional effect of countering Terror Radius based perks, such as Unnerving Presence.

Run this and Calm Spirit if you hate the doctor, although his shock can still stop your loops and put you into madness that way so even then you can't completely counter him.


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