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General ideas about new content

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Overall I think this is a great addition to the game, with all of the content feeling pretty good. This killers and survivors are pretty sweet, and fit in nicely with the other characters. They aren't extremely powerful, which they really don't need to be, but they are good. Ok onto the feedback:

The new map:

It's very interesting and one of the, if not the most animated and stylized map in the game. All the moving parts and sounds are fantastic, and the scenery is very well made. However there are some bits that could use some work. Pallet spawns can be very clustered, hooks can be very sparse (especially on the third floor) and there is an infinite loop. Additionally I think there was a missed opportunity to have the portal room serve as an intermediate area between the indoor lab and an outdoor upside-down section of the map, which could be accessed by walking through the open portal.

The survivors:

The survivors look pretty good, with Steve being dead-on and Nancy is pretty close in terms of likeness. Their perks are unique and all work well, though some of Steve's could use some work.  Babysitter is a good altruism perk, but it could be made even better if it immediately awarded protection points upon saving. This would allow it to work with perks like WGLF and MoM (i know "eww mom", but at least a perk slot would have to be sacrificed for it). Camaraderie is good as it is. Second Wind may need a little bit of tweaking. Instead of triggering broken, it should add healing progression until Steve is fully healed, and increased the speed at which you are healed by others. It may seems drastic, but remember that yoou have to fully heal another survivor, get hooked/unhooked and then hide for 30 seconds. Additionally some stipulations could be added, such as having to remain out the killer's terror radius and/or a once per match limit. Compared to Nancy's Inner Strength, which you would have access to if you have Steve, Second Wind kinda sucks, and these changes could level it out a bit.

The Killer:

The Demogorgon is cool. The portals are a little on the iffy side, and the leap isn't all that special, but it just feels cool to be/be against an actual monster. I'm just going to list some changes that could be made to make the demo feel a little bit more special and user friendly.

-Change the portals a little bit. Right now the portals are sorta of a slower hag trap that maybe alerts you to survivors nearby. First of all, being able to recycle portals would be pretty big, and make it easier to maintain pressure over the course of the match. Perhaps activated portals could slow survivors, or cause some sort of visual distortion when sprinted and/or walked over. And if the devs really had the energy and desire to, if would be fun to be able to place portals on/in lockers, essentially converting lockers into portals. Survivors wouldn't be able to use these lockers until they are cleansed. Another major change to portals that would be interesting is if the survivors could traverse via portal. Either by interacting with it, or by being unwillingly drawn in (by falling in, perhaps completing the sealing process or failing too many skillchecks) the survivors would be sucked away to the farthest portal, deactivating it as they emerge. It would not be super practical, but interesting.

-The pounce is unique, and overall strong enough to be effective in specific scenarios, similar the the huntress. Most of the changes that I would personally like to see are mostly visual, such as the "charging" animation being changed from an arms and mouth open position to a more animalistic pose, either on all fours like what we see in the trailer or in a sort of hunched crouch postion like what is seen in game on the main menu. I just feel like that would make more sense, with it going low to the ground being able to sense survivors like a dog and also be ready to pounce. This could also lower the POV a bit, which would make it the second crouch killer in a row. Of this could compensate a bit for the community's wish to have the Red Moss just become part of the default power. My take on that is to have the pounce striking a pallet immediately trigger the break animation, or a speed-up/partial version of it (maybe with one claw strike instead of the usual two) and then turn the red moss into a rare that allows the pounce to just blast through/over the pallet. Another thing that could make the power interesting is having an AOE 'cleave' effect on the pounce, allowing the demo to hit multiple targets at once. And maybe adding some cooldown or miss penalty would be good, sort of like the Billy.

-One addon I would like to see is one that allows the demo to better track bleeding survivors, as it is a feature of the creature in the show.

-The animations and sounds for it are outstanding, but I think some tweaks could be made. First of all the walking animation/sound should be slowed down a tad, as it kinda looks a little goofy at its current speed, and on the killer side the footstep thuds are a little to frequent and loud, and makes it a bit difficult to hear survivors at times.

I don't know if anyone will read this whole thing, but if there are any thoughts or ideas I'd love to hear them.

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