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Devs decision on demo is dissapointing

First off I'd like to say that I've played and versed the demo, almost non stop since added to PTB. And this isn't a complaint it's just constructive criticism.

He is one of the most well designed killers to date and I'm grateful that they put that much effort into him. However I'm dissapointed that the Devs do not plan to tweak his base kit as this forum is chock full of players calling for some tweaks.

Starting with his lunge; I think it's really fun to play with, although I've seen many people suggest that he should be able to break pallets without the PINK add on.

Portals only give you killer instinct when they are 4 Meters away and I think it should be just a little more than that to secure gens a tad better. (Without wasting an add on to make it better)

They also break portals a little too quickly, especially since there's a cool down once you use one. (It's worse when two survivors or more are working on it.)

Finally I'd like to touch on the perks and I must say they do not live up to their potential. I don't think it would be too crazy to up their range to 32 Meters again. 24 really isn't working well enough to convince me to switch them out other perks for them.


  • Raven014Raven014 Member Posts: 2,612

    Yeah, it's not even a human. It's lunge should be strong enough to break a pallet.

    The portals have good potential, but their use as a tracking device is really weak.

    I think 32 for the one that blocks windows, but surge should be connected to Demo's TR.

    I agree with you completely.

  • emyungemyung Member Posts: 87

    I played both as killer and survivor.

    As survivor, a good Demogorgon can dominate the map. Breaking portals take more time than disabling trappers or hag traps. Monto youtuber consider breaking portals a waste of time, and I do feel the same at some situations. The portal may be break easily if there is more than 1 survivor at the portal but Demogorgon can easily replace it or cancel its destruction.

    As for the ability to break pallets with its lunge, it could be used as chainsaw killers. Stun without breaking if it is timed right, break if the pallet is used before the lunge or chainsaw reaches it.

    I would only add the ability to crawl and lunge while crawling, without loosing terror radius or speed. It would make it more disturbing and add some degree of stealth.

  • Sauceman_TimSauceman_Tim Member Posts: 102

    Thank You so much for answering my query!! I completely understand now. Again thank you and the team for creating such a great DLC!

  • SomeissuesSomeissues Member Posts: 1,368

    If you guys needs ideas for Ultra Rare there are many options

    Extra Dash at the expense is very long cooldown/ much inaccurate dash

    Removed Limits for Portals

    Not sure if you guys noticed, but even with the UR addon right now, the time it takes for him to break a pellet and recovery is much longer than of Billy and Leatherface, and this has a cooldown where does Billy and Leatherface does not. and it doesn't one hit down

    He does not need any other buffs, the only thing he needs is the Pellet Break being part of his kit.

    It has a cooldown, does not one hit down survivors like Billy/ Leatherface, it's not game breaking in anyway, him having limited portals is fine, but at least please give him this

  • Devil_hit11Devil_hit11 Member Posts: 247

    Imagine if pallet break was default and the add-on granted instant down, that would truly scary lunge attack. jokes aside, I wish there was a higher rarity add-on similar to Rat Tail that increases speed that you build portals and increases speed to burrow into a portal. Maybe could be part of his other pink ultra-rare.

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