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Rly good DbD Art Book

ShyN3koShyN3ko Member Posts: 1,616

Sry for my bad english :3


I bought the digital code in the shop(The Art of Dead by Daylight),

because I have an artist struggle with my own little killer concept.

And I must say, this Art Book is rly good.

You have rly good artist in your team.

@Peanits , I just tag you,

because I want thx your artists for this rly nice artbook.

There are many design ideas and some doesnt get into the game.

So I see many new things.

But 1 idea is rly interesting.

I cant post the pic, because its in the Art Book.

And I think Im not allowed to post it.

But I think, I can tell the name of it.

" The Meat Locker "

And I must rly ask something.

Why is this not a special basement in a map or from a killer?

It looks so damn nice.

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