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About the issue where your game is showing as having deleted DLC's or lost game totally. Go to your Steam app. Go to Steam < Settings < Downloads < Clear Download Cache. This should restart Steam and you should have access to your game & DLCs.

How come survivors got interesting and USEFULL perks where as the killer ones are all trash again ?

It's a 2nd chapter in a row now where killer perks are all garbage. I can understand devs not wanting to make super strong, meta perks, but that's not an excuse to make them garbage. They're not even niche, they're just all bad. Cruel Confinement and Surge were ... Ok, before the nerfs, now with a 24 meter range they do literally nothing 90% of the time. Mindbreaker is one of the coolest perks concept-wise in a long time, but since developers are scared (That's literally the only explanation I can think of) of upsetting their lovely survivor mains, it's extremely underwhelming ...

The killer itself looks awesome, but of course the 2nd side of his (perks) is awfull, seems like we can no longer get a good killer with good perks for some reason. Opinions ?


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