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Best ping i could get was 90-100. So my guess is that it's the closest servers I have.

As survivor didn't feel better than what I get usually. Lag spikes and hits that shouldn't register, but that's against people with 120 ping.

As killer...omg...

With 90 ping (which is still green) I get pulled back often (rubberbanding I guess), like I'm taking 5 steps forward and one step back the whole time. And the gameplay itself stutters. Stutter when hit by pallet , then breaking it is kinda delayed ., Trying to vault a window also feels delayed. Going after someone looping a building , like the killer shack, oh my stutter all the way and get caught on corners thanks to the stutter that the person looping can do a few extra loops.

If that's gonna be what we will have on release...then please just forget about the servers and give us a ping filter instead.


  • SnapshotSnapshot Member Posts: 724

    I'm sorry to inform you but ping does not directly influence rubberbanding!

    It's most likely packet loss or VERY high jitter on your connection, which you do not see from ping indicator as this takes the average!

    Also 90 ping in-game you have to subtract at least 20 ms to account for engine processing delay so your "real" ping would be around 70

  • KenshinKenshin Member Posts: 912

    that sounds like your connection is really bad. nothing to do with the servers. i bet survivors lagged hard when you played killer.

  • RevansithRevansith Member Posts: 360

    I had a match tonight with a ping of 1100 ms at the lobby, it bounced from 100ms to 1100 ms almost instantly and back, before the the last 5 seconds. With dedicated servers the ping would be to and from the server not the killer as it is now.

    The ping is from me to the killer at present, usually 150-200ms. I assume with the new servers the ping would be from me to the server not the killer, if I play survivor?

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