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Survivor Guide

NotTheWolverineNotTheWolverine Member Posts: 8
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Created a 10 page guide to give basic advice into surviving. Some detailed strategies for facing each killer and recommended Survivors for starting out is included.

Would love feedback on if I've missed anything or if it's too complex at parts!

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  • FibijeanFibijean Member, Trusted Posts: 6,116

    I like the way you write, I think you have a great voice :)

    If you're looking for feedback, probably the biggest piece I could give would be to slow it down and make it a bit more structured. There's no page limit rule as far as I'm aware, so there's no need to try to fit the maximum amount of information onto a single page. I think if you just did something as simple as having different pages for different headings (especially relatively unrelated headings such as "Items" and "The Hatch"), it would go a long way towards making the guide feel less complicated and overwhelming for new players.

    (Also minor grammar point - on page 4, the correct word in this context would be "cues" not "queues".)

    Good luck!

  • Thank you very much for the feedback! I'll be sure to amend the grammar and try to space out the pages.

  • Updated and revised a few points. Hoping for the best!

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