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Is Object of Obession a good perk to run when playing stealthy?

Stealth is just the right playstyle for me and I love playing it. But... when playing stealth, you need to know where the killer is, its crucial to your survival. I'm struggling trying to find the right perks for me... but I thought of Object and I'll ask you guys.


  • PeanitsPeanits Dev, Community Manager Posts: 5,437

    That would be the last perk I'd suggest for a stealth build. You'll also be revealing your location to the killer, so they'll always know roughly where you are. You might be able to hide your aura and re-position by the time they get there, but there's still going to be a good chance that they'll find you anyway.

    If you want a similar effect, I'd suggest bringing a key. There are add-ons that allow you to track the killer's aura.

  • FrenziedRoachFrenziedRoach Member Posts: 1,608

    I generally prefer stealth and usually run BOND as my information gathering perk.

    I know this seems weird, but the information it gathers is incredible. With it you can

    • See which generators is being worked on
    • See who is being chased by the killer and where they are at
    • See if a rescue is being attempted
    • Find teammates if wounded or help locate wounded teammates.

    If you prefer, there are better perks to tell you wereabouts the killer is at without revealing yourself like

    Premonition - probably the easiest perk to use and it will give you a direction the killer is coming from unlike Spinechill.

    Spinechill - can tell you if a killer isn't looking your way and can be absolutely essential against a spirit as it will go off even when a spirit is phasing.

    Alert - Tells you where the killer is every time they break a generator.

    But yah, Object Of Obsession is not something I'd recommend for a stealth build.

  • Kind_LemonKind_Lemon Member Posts: 725

    It's a terrific perk to use on indoor maps and maps that have many LOS blockers. I'd suggest once you think a killer sees your aura, go a different direction and trick the killer into thinking you went a different way (preferably trick the killer into going where there are no gens or teammates). It's worked wonders for me on Lery's against The Nurse and The Hillbilly.

    Suggested perks to accompany:

    Sprint Burst, Lightweight, and Urban Evasion all help you get away unseen from the last location you revealed to the killer. Sole Survivor (if you want) only helps in stealth builds that you plan to make last the entire game and do the long con. This latter, long-stewing type of stealth build was gutted by the EGC which is why I have a particular hate of that "solution" to keeping the end game exciting.

    Iron Will helps with getting away once caught. No Mither prevents blood pools from being left behind.

    Other things to bring: Medkit (either insta-heal or extra charges)? Key with Blood Amber? Anything else you might fancy (like a Hatch-tracking map, which I do not suggest given the horrible state of the hatch game rn).

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