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Integrating doctor's moldy electrode in his base kit and fixing shock therapy.

Having to bring the moldy electrode addon is a must if you want to play doctor competitively. That's to say that we can't really explore many playstyles with him if we want to keep our ranks. I've been trying to build him in a number of ways recently and everytime I don't pick moldy electrode I get my ass handed to me by purple and (mostly) red ranked survivors. You could do meme builds, but it removes the competitive aspect of the doctor and puts you at a high risk of depipping. At lower-mid ranks (20-12) I can feel free to do whatever I want with the doctor, but as soon as I go past rank 12, I have to consistently use one and ONLY ONE build, which renders all other addons pretty much useless (and I have over 50 of every addon on doctor...). If you don't believe me, just go watch any streamer with over 2k hours that has played the doctor in high ranks: they all say that the moldy electrode should be in his base kit to make him viable (not even good, OPERABLE) out there.

About shock therapy, it's too inconsistent.. Everybody says that as well:

Everytime you shock a survivor that's near a vault or even on a gen, the shock therapy can take up to 0.75 SECONDS to actually proc! That being said, the number of times the survivors finished a gen because of this delay and the number of "successful" vaults that should have been cancelled and the amount of times I [BAD WORD] myself over because I thought the shock therapy would work it's magic (but it didn't) is beyond my calculus... I don't know what god should I pray to in order to make this fix happen, but it's been getting worse and worse by the months...

Thank you for reading this little suggestion and I hope you get what I mean (coming from a doctor main who also plays survivor [I know, what a SHOCKER ;) ])

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