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Legion buff

So yeah, bet you haven’t seen these posts before.

Seriously tho, this needs to be recognised because legion has completely unused potential. I enjoy them, but at rank 1, it can be really stressful to play them.

I would like to have his terror radius reduced to 24 metres, because legion actually benefits greatly on sneaking up on survivors, to potentially catch survivors in more of a cluster, for his power and helps with his m1 killer traits more.

Their feral frenzy should also definitely have a speed increase, because at the moment it’s so hard to catch up with survivors, despite their power being meant to injure multiple survivors at once.

Remove that bs where when you miss an attack, you lose your power and have to have it recharge to use it again. From just a single missed attack, you waste your power, which is just really not necessary. Maybe make it so after every missed attack, you lose a third of your max power gauge (to avoid spamming).

Add skill checks to mending, and count the mending as healing, so nurses can have more value. Maybe make it so the survivor can do no action, until they mend themselves from the deep wounds status effect.

They’re not huge, but I feel they’re what’s needed from my experiences, to make the legion a better killer.


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