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How to play as a killer in Dead by Daylight

KreedKreed Member Posts: 3


So you just bought Dead by Daylight and you're looking for tips on how to play killer? Or you just want to improve your skills as a killer. Well your reading the right guide. This guide with explain tons of information about being a  Dead by Daylight killer.


What killer do I start with?

So let's get started with learning about the killers you can play as. I am ignoring killers with the Hard difficulty because those killers take long periods of time to master, but by the end of this guide you can probably master them. The killer I recommend playing and leveling up first are The Trapper, The Wraith, or The Hillbilly. I highly recommend The Wraith or The Hillbilly because The Wraith can become mostly invisible which can be really good when starting out. But you also have The Hillbilly with his chainsaw. He can use that to move around the map really fast and instantly down survivors. I highly recommend you start with him since he can travel the map really fast. Plus some of his perks are really useful. So I really recommend you start out with The Hillbilly.

What are perks and what are some good killer perks?

Perks are abilities that can be useful for you when playing. Every killer has three unique perks that are exclusive to that killer. Once you reach level 30 you can get the first one, then level 35 for the second, and then level 40 for the third. Some good killer perks are Brutal Strength which is one of The Trappers perks. Brutal Strength will let you break pallets and damage generators faster. A Nurse’s Calling which is one of The Nurse’s perks, will let you see survivors that are healing and being healed when your within a certain amount of meters. Barbeque and Chili which is one of The Cannibal's perks,will give you bonus bloodpoints when a survivor is hooked for the first time and it will let you see survivors outside of a 40 meter range. BBQ and Chili is really good for bloodpoint farming and finding survivors easy. The final perk I would suggest would be Hex: Ruin which is The Hag’s perk. Hex: Ruin will make all skill checks become red and every Good Skill Check will damage the generator. Only a Great Skill Check will prevent the damage. But this is a Hex perk so it is attached to a totem. Totems are spawned all around the map. There are Dull Totems and Hex Totems. Dull Totems do not have any effect. Hex Totems are a lit totems that has a perk attached to it. But you can destroy totems so you can destroy a Hex totem and when that happens the perk becomes inactive and cannot be used anymore. So I hope you learned more about perks because perks are one of the most important boosts you can get in-game.

How to play a match as a killer

Your objective as a killer is too stop the generators from being activated and sacrifice survivors.

When your in-game you are going to want to hit survivors two times so they go down. There are also windows and pallets that the survivors can use to their advantage. You want to watch out for cocky survivors. They usually will try to trick you by faking a window vault or they will not throw a pallet when you as the killer are expecting them to throw it down. They will also do something called a 360 where they will fake going to one side and then move to the other side and do a 360 degree turn around you so you miss. You want to make sure your guaranteeing a hit and not just trying to get a hit when your on the edge of your weapon range. Also, make sure when your going to put someone on the hook to put them on the nearest hook and not try to make it to the basement. When there is one survivor left, the hatch will open. That is another escape and you want to find it as fast as possible so you can close it. The items that a survivor can have will not be good for you, because people can have a flashlight and blind you or use an instant heal medkit and instantly heal. I recommend that you study the survivor perks so you can know what your up against sometimes. When killer you want to make sure you can track survivors. You can use their scratch marks and blood stains to your advantage. If you look on the ground you can see little lines that will fade away eventually same with blood stains. Follows those to track a survivor down. You can use the Dead by Daylight Wiki for studying survivor perks and seeing all of the killers. You can also use it for other information you might need.


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