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We have been investigating cases of distributed denial of services (DDoS) over the last week. We take these reports extremely seriously. We're actively monitoring the situation internally and with our partners to gather as much information as possible and identify trends.

We are terribly sorry to those who have been affected by these attacks- we understand the impact this has on you. We are taking every appropriate measure to ensure the safety of our players.

We encourage our players to report to us any cases of DDoS, as well as any other form of inappropriate or abusive behaviour in the game. In the meantime, we encourage you to stay safe and follow best practices for online safety.

Buff suggestions for some of the new perks.

(Steve's Perks)

Camaraderie: Survivors unhook you 25% faster. If you're on a hook during struggle phase, your struggle phase timer slows down by 50% whenever the killer is within 16 meters. Gain 100% bonus blood points for actions in the Survival Category. (Survivors unhook you 15%, 20%, 25% faster at tiers 1, 2, and 3)

Babysitter: When you unhook a survivor, both you and the unhooked survivor leaves no scratch marks and blood trail for 8 seconds. If the survivor is unhooked in the killer's terror radius, both you and the unhooked survivor sees the killer's aura for 5 seconds. (Blood trail and scratch marks aren't shown for 4/6/8 seconds at tiers 1, 2, and 3)

Second Wind: The broken status effect isn't shown to the killer.

(Nancy's Perks)

Better Together: When you work on a generator, its aura is highlighted white to other survivors within a 36 meter range when it's below 50% repair progression, and highlighted yellow when the generator is over 50% progression. The auras of all other survivors are revealed to you for 10 seconds when a generator is completed with at least 20% progression repaired by you, or when the killer downs a survivor while you are repairing. This effect also applies to any other survivor working on a generator with you. (The auras of survivors are revealed to you and others for 8/9/10 seconds at tiers 1, 2, and 3)

Fixated: Makes you walk faster at all times.

(Demogorgon's Perks)

Mindbreaker: While repairing generators below 50% progression, survivors get exhausted for 7 seconds after they stop the repair action. If the survivor is already exhausted, then the exhaustion timer is paused. While repairing generators above 50% progression, survivors scream and reveal their current location for 6 seconds after they stop the repair action within 32 meters from you. Screaming and revealing survivors locations trigger once every 20 seconds. (Survivors get exhausted for 5/6/7 seconds and their locations are revealed for 4/5/6 seconds at tiers 1, 2, and 3)

As for his other 2 perks, just change it back to 32 meters and they should be fine.

(Perk Rework)

Left Behind: If you are the last remaining survivor in the trial, the auras of exit gates are revealed to you within 128 meters. You open gates 25% faster and your movement speed is increased by 5%. The lights and noises aren't produced when progressing the exit switch. Noises created by the opened hatch is audible at an additional 16 meters. (Gates open 15%, 20%, 25% faster, and movement speed is increased by 3%, 4%, and 5% at tiers 1, 2, and 3)


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