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New Killers added in the Future.

BluhferBluhfer Member Posts: 67
edited September 2019 in Creations

I would like to see these Killers added to Game Sometime down the Road. (add more if you feel like it also,look over it, to make sure you don't add something thats aready here Thanks)

Also, if you like something just up vote it. There is really no need to comment.. Unless you must :P

Thanks again.


  1. Blade From (Puppet Master)
  2. PinHead From (Hellraiser)
  3. Jeepers Creepers
  4. One of the kids from (Children of the Corn)
  5. Twins from (The Shining)
  6. Otis Driftwood From (Devils Rejects)
  7. One of the clowns from (Killer clowns)
  8. The Killer from (Cry_Wolf)
  9. The Vampire David from (Lost Boys)
  10. WolfMan from (Monster Squad)
  11. Chucky
  12. Buffalo Bill From (Silence of the lambs)
  13. Bye Bye Man
  14. Pumpkinhead
  15. Sam From (Trick 'R Treat)
  16. Pyramid Head from (Silent Hill)
  17. Krampus
  18. The 3 Killers from (The strangers)

Please add more.. Can't think of anymore right now.

Thanks for your Time



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